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Heather is a landscape artist working Collingwood, Ontario.  After graduating from York University with a degree in Fine Arts, Heather worked and raised her family.  Since retiring several years ago she has returned to painting.

Artist Statement

Painting the landscape that surrounds us is like having a conversation. I am looking and listening to the landscape around me; my painting is my response to the emotion, colour, light, and atmosphere evoked by the surroundings I stand in.

Heather Painting Landscape



Solo Exhibit, artPontiac, Cafe 349, Shawville Quebec

Newmarket Juried Art Show

Horizontal/Vertical (2 person show)  Blue Mountain

Foundation for the Arts, Collingwood, ON

BMFA Members Show, Collingwood ON


BMFA Square Foot Show, Collingwood ON 

BMFA Plein Air Exhibition, Collingwood ON

BMFA Juried Art Show, Collingwood, ON

Newmarket Juried Show, Newmarket ON

Collingwood BIA Muskoka Chair


Newmarket Juried Show, Newmarket, ON 

Georgian Hospice Art Show



Best Painting, Newmarket Juried Art Show 2022

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